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Create the Ambience

Creating Ambience with Accessories

One of the treats when you go to a day spa is taking in all the sights. Everything is arranged to perfection and has its own place to rest. You can create the same atmosphere at home with a little planning and ingenuity.

Having everything laid in your bathroom to create a spa like atmosphere can be done on a budget as well! There are dollar stores everywhere where you can buy dishes, baskets and other items that will help you to organize your spa essentials.

Luxurious Robe, Slippers & Towels

Invest in a luxurious robe and slippers. An over the door hanger is a great place to hang your robe for when you step out of the tub. It keeps your robe in a central location and makes it easy to grab when you emerge from your spa soak.

Ensure that you have some beautifully colored fluffy towels and that they are clean and fresh for your Day Spa at Home. You can easily experience the heated towel that you do at the spa by simply tossing your towels in the dryer on a high setting than rolling them when they are done. Add a drop of lavender essential oil (or your favorite) to your towel before putting in the dryer so that when you use your towel it will smell divine. Rolling your towel will help to keep the warmth in, it is also a lovely way to store towels and give your bathroom that spa look.


Don’t wait for someone to buy your flowers! Buy cut flowers for the bathroom or any other room where you will be spending time to relax, and display them in a lovely vase. This will create a luxurious feel and look in the bathroom and other rooms in your home. Replace your flowers often so that you always have fresh cut flowers to fill your bathroom with beauty and a lovely scent. You could also try growing flowers. You can grow beautiful flowers from such as tulips from bulbs placed in a vase. This is a economical and enjoyable way to ensure that you always have beautiful flowers for your Day Spa at Home, that last for weeks.

Decorative Touches

Use small decorative dishes and trays to organize your spa essentials. No need to stash things away in drawers and cabinets when you have lovely pieces that can hold your essentials which double as display pieces. You can choose to stay in one color theme or mix and match the pieces to complement each other. Transfer your DIY beauty treatments, spa oils and other products into decorative bottles that you can decorate yourself or buy ready to go.

One of the key things you want to consider when setting up your “spa room” is that you want to always be prepared. You are more likely to treat yourself if you have your spa essentials You want to have your essential spa items on hand at all times and you want your spa environment to be ready at all times. Keeping things on hand like eye masks, robes, slippers and spa essentials will help to promote a beautiful ambience and relaxation. And by having all your Day Spa at Home accessories close at hand and looking beautiful will make everyday a Day Spa at Home day!

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