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“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for 'we' are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” - Louise L. Hay

Getting the Balance Right!

Are you trying to juggle the responsibilities of a career, study, family, friends, errands and chores? Are you trying to do it all and finding that you have no time for any downtime or any time to take care of yourself let alone indulge yourself in things that you enjoy?

It is vital for your overall sense of well-being that you regularly set aside time to relax, restore and rejuvenate. The key to living a full life is balance, so it is important to get the balance right! Continuing to try to juggle the competing demands, so prevalent in our hectic modern lives, can result in such conditions as burn out, mood disorders and dependency on stimulants, to name a few. By neglecting the need for balance and pushing ourselves to the limit, we lose the sense of ourselves and eventually find that we are unable to give our best. To our work, to our loved ones, to our friends.

A balanced life includes relaxation, recreation, and downtime as well as work, family and errands. Balance is so important to your sense of feeling truly alive! Without balance in your life stress can take over and you can end up with your vitality sapped.

Schedule some time with yourself regularly to make sure you are looking after all of your needs. If you can’t seem to find the time, start by off-loading some of the responsibilities that are robbing you of your precious “me-time”. Stop doing everything yourself and think about tasks that you can delegate to someone else. Stop saying yes to everything that is asked of you. Cut back on your chores or get help to carry them out. Prioritise what needs to be done each day and remember your number one priority is looking after yourself. If you don’t look after yourself you can’t continue to look after others, or have the best of yourself to give.

Sometimes we need to hit the pause button and slow down enough to be present, grounded and in touch with and focused on ourselves. Here are some suggestions for activities you can include in your Day Spa at Home or anytime you like, to promote some “me-time” and help achieve more balance in your life.

“Declare today ‘sacred time’—off-limits to everyone, unless invited by you. Take care of your personal wants and needs. Say no, graciously but firmly, to others’ demands.” – Oprah Winfrey.


Practising Yoga  one of the best things you can do for your body. The gentle stretching of Yoga can easily loosen up your muscles and tone them. It is also a great way to get you centered and grounded.

Grab your mat, get on some comfy clothing and get yourself going.

Barefoot Beauty

Studies have shown that walking barefoot through wet sand or dewy grass is a great way to relax and promote a connection to the earth, so take your shoes off and head outside for a stroll, even just around your back yard BEFORE you get ready to set the stage for your few hours of your Day Spa at Home.

Meditation, Creative Visualization & Mindfulness

A key to a more fulfilling existence is to actively seek the peace that you can tap into within. Meditation can help to clear your mind so that you can get rid of all the things that are blocking your path to inner peace and tranquility. Using creative visualization can help to set up your thoughts to attract those good things to your life that we all desire and deserve.

Mindfulness will ground you and help you to really live in the moment so that your perception of your life changes for the better. Training your brain to think differently takes work but the rewards are tremendous. A quick trip over to YouTube can help you to gather material that will help you succeed. You do not need your own personal guru to lead you when you have the internet!

Music Therapy

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or irritable, your heart rate has a tendency to increase. Research has found that calm music can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, helping it to slow down to a more relaxing pace encouraging beneficial physical changes. Through our mind and emotions, music can reduce stress and be a simple but powerful catalyst for beneficial and positive feelings and vibrations.

There is the healing sounds of nature such as the songs of birds, the rustling of leaves, the falling of rain, the crashing of ocean waves, and the sound of a waterfall. These sounds of nature are music to your ears and to your spirit.


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