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Yoga Poses

Find Your Center

Seek Balance with Yoga

Life can be overwhelming at times. With everyday demands such as work, family and social, you can feel harried. How do you find your center again? You would love to go off to a spa, but who has the time? You can create a day spa at your home. With a few simple yoga poses, and pampering items, you will feel energized. We all deserve to nurture our souls. Here are some ideas to get you centered again. Yoga is such a gift! It is good for our body and our mind. Simple yoga poses and breathing can work wonders. Do not worry about being perfect, do your best. Get your yoga mat, a large bath towel or even an area rug to work out on. You can try these simple yoga poses and during yours Day Spa at Home treat. Remember, you are worth every minute of these nurturing ideas! You will feel brand new in no time.

Get Ready

To create a space of calm and tranquillity, have some soothing music playing. Nothing loud, something that speaks to your soul. Make yourself some green tea, iced or warm. You want to keep yourself hydrated. This is so important. Your body needs the fluids. Water helps your skin look wonderful and you feel better when you are hydrated. Don’t let yourself ever get too thirsty or hungry. Have a snack like yogurt and fruit ready too. You are taking care of yourself, so pick some favorites. When you get started on your yoga poses, make sure your breathing is in tune. Not too fast or shallow, just take steady deep breaths. Listen to the beat of your heart, bump bump. Soon you will notice you are in a soothing rhythm. You can feel brand new in no time at all.

Warrior Pose II

One of the most basic yoga poses you can do is the warrior. Have your feet apart at a comfortable distance. Stretch your arms out. Begin to do your pose, in and out breathing, and hold. Soon you will feel like a warrior. Let your body tell you how long to hold the pose. You can trust yourself inside your own soul. Do not rush this time, it is for you!

Tree Pose

Stand with your legs together and take a moment to feel your fitness anchored on the mat. Then shift your weight to one leg raising your other leg and gently placing your heel onto the inner thigh of the standing leg. Raise your hands above your head making sure your fingers are pointing towards the ceiling. Focus on a point in the distance or on a wall and hold for 30 seconds. Remember to breathe deeply while holding the pose. Repeat on the other side.

Triangle Pose

A great yoga pose for calming the soul is the triangle. It is simple and gives wonderful results. Make sure you do not feel light headed when starting it. Gently bend at your waist with your arms stretched out and reach one to the sky and the other holding your ankle. You will look like a triangle, but don’t have to feel all twisted. Take your time, breath and listen to your body. Hold the pose and relax. Then repeat on the other side. Your heart will begin to soar.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

On your mat, lower yourself onto your hands and knees. Keep your knees directly under your hips and your hands slightly in line with your shoulders. Spread your palms and turn your toes under. On your exhale lift your knees until your legs are almost although not quite straight. Raise your heels and lift your sit bones to the ceiling. Continue regular breathing. On the exhale, stretch your heels so that they are flat on the mat. Keep your shoulder blades firm and pull them down towards your sit bones. Breathe and stay in the pose for about one minute.

Cobra Pose

Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders with your elbows snug against your rib cage. Begin to straighten your arms lifting your chest up from the mat creating a gentle arc in your back. Feel the stretch in your legs and back, keeping your shoulders relaxed, with the blades low.

Feel the lift from the top of your sternum, trying not to pushing the front of your ribs forward. Breathe deeply for about 30 seconds and then exhale, gently lowering your body back on to the mat.

Plow Pose

Lie on your back, arms beside you with your palms facing downwards towards your mat. Inhale and lift your feet off the mat until your legs are raised at a 90 degree angle. Breathe normally and then support your hips and back with your hands and slowly lift them off the mat while allowing your legs to glide over your head, lowering down them until your toes touch the mat. Relax, hold the pose and focus on your breath. After about 30 seconds, exhale and smoothly and gently return your legs to the original position.


Allow the mind to be quiet and still. Savasana allows for the integration of all that you have done in the workout. Take a moment to be grateful and proud that you have taken the time to move your precious body. Focus on your breath taking the time to breathe slowly and deeply. Rest your mind and allow your body to absorb the benefits of your yoga practice. Stay in this pose until you are ready to come out.

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