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Face Body & Hair

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when you have beautiful skin and hair you look radiant, healthy and feel great. Your skin and hair are mirrors of your health and your state of mind so it is vital to incorporate a holistic approach to skin and hair care by following a lifestyle that nurtures your health and wellbeing. Eating good food, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and practicing stress coping methods, are all necessary to ensure that your skin and hair are the best they can be. A regular Day Spa at Home using DIY natural beauty treatments, is the perfect way to help incorporate these healthy habits into your lifestyle. If practiced regularly, is a beautifully relaxing regime that will ensure that you skin and hair stay looking their best.

Of course, if you want beautiful skin you have to look after it on the outside as well. It is so important to look after your skin no matter what age you are. Your skin plays many roles in your body including protection, temperature regulation and also has roles in sensation, immunity and elimination of waste products. In fact skin is the largest organ in the human body and that’s why caring for it is so vital for your overall health. It is so important to use natural ingredients in your skin care regime, which is why making your own skin care and beauty treatments ensures that you skin is nourished, pampered and encouraged to be its best while minimizing your exposure to undesirable chemicals .

Likewise, for hair to be healthy, shiny and strong it must be looked after on the inside and out.  At Day Spa at Home we to show you how to pamper and care for your skin and hair naturally and in the most beautifully indulgent and uplifting ways.

Face Body & Hair


Skin Care

Hair Care

Hand & Foot Care


At the end of the day, we all want to look as great as we possibly can. We want to look fresh, well-rested, and have healthy beautiful skin. As it goes to show, puffy eyes, uneven skin tone and wrinkles can take a toll on our overall appearance. But, the reality is that sometimes we are not able to relax or sleep as much as we should, so puffy eyes and wrinkles start showing up on our faces much to our dismay. Thankfully, there are many things that can be done which are all-natural and inexpensive to help give yourself some DIY natural beauty treatments in right in your Day Spa at Home.


One of the most amazing aspects about creating your very own Day Spa at Home is that you have the ability to use any product that you wish, and that also includes creating your own DIY natural hair care products that are natural, inexpensive, and many that can be found right in your own kitchen at home. Practically any hair problem or issue can be made right again naturally and only using organic ingredients that smell great and are luxurious to use. Especially when it comes to hair conditioners, hair masks, hair shampoos, and even hair oils, organic and natural is truly the way to go.


We believe that body care should be a pleasurable daily ritual. However, a Day Spa at Home is the opportunity to give you skin and body that extra special pampering to help restore and rejuvenate while leaving your skin silky smooth, soft and exquisitely fragranced. The process of massage while applying the DIY natural beauty treatments enhances the effects of the essential oils and nourishing natural ingredients as well as calming your mind and invigorating your spirits while the relaxation benefits of a luxuriously scented bath provide are second to none.

Hands & Feet

The hands and feet are sometimes forgotten in the regular beauty regime. The face normally receives the most attention, but it is so important to care for your hands and feet the same way. Natural methods of caring for your feet and hands will make sure that your hands, feet and nails are kept healthy, nourished and looking beautiful, and that your skin never gets exposure to harmful ingredients.

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