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"Take of your body. It's the only place you have to live". - Jim Rohn

Fitness Ideas For Your Day Spa At Home

The total spa experience should always include some physical fitness activities that promote good health. The mind and the body are connected in more ways than we know and exercising does good things for both. DIY fitness consists of getting fitness activities done without the use of a personal trainer or even a gym. There are many things you can do from the comfort of your own home that support wellness and better health.

You can get plenty of help with your DIY fitness routines online and there are many excellent websites and videos that can give you instructions. YouTube has scores of fitness videos to watch from popular amateur instructors to world-famous experts that can lead you in the right direction. Many videos can be found that allows you to exercise along with the instructor and every workout that is in vogue like Zumba and spinning have clips to watch and learn from. If Yoga is more your style then check out our Yoga Poses pages with instructions on some basic Yoga Poses.

There are many wonderful websites that are great fitness resources as well and some that offer question and answer interaction with their experts. Sites can give you as much information as you want on fitness benefits and how nutrition plays a role in your well-being. You can put together knowledge from different sources and put them together to form a plan that is tailored for you and your abilities. Many useful articles are also available online from leaders in fitness and you can use the information to improve your DIY fitness program and strengthen your body.

walking barefoot along the beach


Walking for exercise is a timeless method for improving one’s fitness and a good walking program can help you get the most out of your efforts. Your walking program should work for you as an individual and having a partner can be good for extra motivation. Wearing comfortable shoes is very important and you always want to stretch before you begin. Mixing up your walking techniques can be beneficial and you can walk fast for a period and then slow down, you can also use hills to get more of a challenge.

Experts recommend up to 45 minutes of brisk exercise every day. Going for a walk is one of the best ways to achieve some form of exercise every single day. Make it your goal to walk around 4 miles per hour which will help you cover roughly 1 mile every 15 minutes, or around 3 miles for a 45 minute walk. That’s enough to have you breathing deeply and maybe even breaking a sweat.

If you are near a beach or a sandy location, walking barefoot in the sand can enhance your walking program. Walking on sand requires more energy and effort than on a flat surface and that improves strength and quickness. Sand gives more of a soft cushion for your feet and puts less strain on your muscles and it is a great way to be closer to nature. Doing it barefoot can give you reminder of your inner child and connect you to the earth a bit. Your walking routine can help you burn calories and reduce stress at the same time and you can get some extra sunlight while doing it. When walking outside remember to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

belly dancing


Dancing is a wonderful activity for having a good time and improving wellness that can be done at home. You will be able to do things like improve your flexibility and lift your spirits when dancing for exercise and lose some pounds as well. This can be a really good group activity that friends and family can all participate in and improve everyone’s well-being. Dancing takes energy but it also increases it and your body will show the difference.

Belly dancing is a fun way to get some DIY fitness in your day and really has health benefits. You will be toning muscles when you belly dance and your posture can be improve through the movements as well. While you are dancing you will also be burning calories and the more active your moves are, the more calories you will burn. The belly dancing moves help to reduce stress and relax your muscles. Your core will be strengthened with this type of dance as well and your balance can improve when you practice.

Workout routines that combine music and exercise can be fun ways to stay interested in your program. Practicing popular dance moves that also works the muscles can help you focus more on the dance techniques than the workout aspect of it. You may not even notice that you are exercising because you are having so much fun.

Playing several different songs during your routine can make the time go by faster and gives you something to enjoy and vibe to. High intensity workouts often involve music and last for shorter time periods than other workouts but get a lot of good work in.



Going for a swim is another DIY fitness activity that improves wellness and has health benefits. The water will not give you any hard surface to get around on and your body will have less strain on it. Swimming helps your cardio health and builds and tones the muscles. You can benefit from the serene atmosphere that a quiet swim can provide and you can help the mind and body while in the pool, ocean or lake. Your breathing and lung functions can improve when you swim for exercise and this is really good for those with asthma and high blood pressure.

Wake up Earlier

Does your job or lifestyle allow you to wake up a bit later than the usual? Then start making a change to this and begin attacking the day. Get up early, because it’s easier to get things done in the morning – you’ll feel at your most optimistic and positive, and will also have replenished your willpower overnight. As the day drags on it’s much easier to disregard jobs and tasks that you should have taken care of. Getting up earlier will put paid to this and help you start to get yourself fit.

fitness outdoors

More on DIY Fitness

Keep it Regular.

The key to sustained exercise and fitness, is to make it a habit. Make a goal to move your body for 45 minutes per day (any exercise of your choice), 5 days a week. Strive to never go longer than 48 hours without exercising so as to not slow down your metabolic rate. Once you get in the habit, we’re confident you won’t want to stop!

Treat Yourself

When you are trying to get fit, it’s the slog that puts many people off. When you know that at the end of it there will be a reward with something that you can truly enjoy but isn’t going to encourage you to pig out and fall back into negative habits. Going to the movies or something is a good way to celebrate – just stay away from the food sections!

Bring A Friend

The easiest way to stay motivated and get fit is with a friend – you’ll both be motivating one another and seeing benefits from doing so. This can be incredibly useful and will make sure that you stay on track and retain an active interest in trying to get yourself in shape.

Your DIY fitness efforts are definitely important for your wellness and every part of your mind and body will be thankful. Getting the right program going can be done easier when you are having a good time doing it and you enjoy the mental and physical gains you are receiving. Practising several different exercise methods can keep things interesting and well-balanced. Wellness and fitness go hand in hand and taking good care of yourself during your Day Spa at Home is the way to go when you want to improve all of the above.

Join a Fitness Class

If DIY is not your thing, one of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy is to be in a group of people with the same expectations. If you are all working together in the one room then support and motivation is only a sentence away – everyone will team up quite happily and make sure that you have the capacity to get things done. Staying fit is all about being mentally prepared, and having likeminded people backing you up can make it so much easier to stay motivated! There are plenty of inexpensive fitness classes around and some great online classes as well. If you check out what’s happening in your local community you might even find some that are free.


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