DIY Body Butter Recipes: How to make your own body butter

DIY Body Butter Recipes: How to make your own body butter

If you want beautiful baby-soft skin all over,  moisturizers like body butters are an indulgent way to hydrate your skin. By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, they become the perfect vehicle to scent your body with delectable fragrances while making your skin oh-so-touchable. So we have included instructions on how to make your own DIY body butter with two wonderful recipes.

How to Make Home-made Body Butter

  • Place carrier oils, vegetable oils, beeswax, and Shea or cocoa butter in a heatproof glass mixing bowl inside a saucepan.
  • Keeping stirring the ingredients over medium heat until they’ve melted and blended well. (It takes a little while for the beeswax to completely dissolve, so be patient.)
  • Remove mixture from heat and stir in vitamin E oil, essential oils, or vanilla extract.
  • Whip with an electric handheld mixer for a few minutes until a butter-like consistency is attained, or the mixture forms peaks.
  • Fill a clean glass jar (not plastic as body butter can pick up smells) with the butter, and allow to come to room temperature.

Geranium and Ylang Ylang Body Butter

1/2 Tblsp. cocoa butter
1/2 Tblsp. beeswax, either grated or in pellets
4 drops vitamin E oil
2 Tblsp. coconut oil
2 Tblsp. almond oil
1/4 tsp. glycerin
25 drops geranium essential oil
12 drops ylang ylang essential oil

Vanilla Body Butter

1/4 cup sweet almond oil
2 Tblsp. coconut oil
1 oz. beeswax, either grated or in pellets
2 tsp. Shea butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Home-made body butters will keep for about three months at room temperature. However, those that contain coconut oil may soften in the summer, so if this happens just put the butter in the refrigerator. You’ll have plenty left over to continue using. And the fragrance will remind you of the relaxing benefits you’ve treated yourself to throughout the day. For more info on how to make you own body butter, watch the video below:

Or for more tips on how to treat your body head to our Body page.

TIP: Apply your body butter to your skin while it is still wet after stepping out of the bath or shower. You will only need a very small amount as body butter will glide over your skin. What’s more your skin absorbs moisturizing products better when its wet.

DIY Facial in Your Day Spa at Home

DIY Facial in Your Day Spa at Home

Having a facial in a day spa is wonderful! It’s such a treat for your skin as well as your senses. You’re lying down in a candlelit room, having beautiful creams massaged into your face, while listening to calming, soothing music and breathing in heavenly aromas. But doing this on a regular basis is expensive. Plus, you have to book in advance and get yourself to your appointment. In the busy modern world we live in, who really has the time to do this very often?

The good news is that you really can make your skin softer, smoother and more beautiful by re-creating the day spa experience at home. You can use any products that you have.  But, you can also make your own personal natural beauty treatments easily, without any chemicals, additives, or other harmful ingredients. You will also save money by creating your own natural beauty treatments as you will already have many of the ingredients in your kitchen.

So this weekend, select a day, make yourself a delicious detox water infusion (see our Detox Pages for recipes) and follow these simple steps for some serious pampering in your Day Spa at Home.

Put on a clean fluffy robe. Get towels and facecloths ready. Light some candles, burn incense or essential oils in a diffuser. Turn on some Day Spa music. A great suggestion is below:

Now you’re ready indulge in some at home skin pampering.


Coconut oil makes a great cleanser for all skin types.  Even oily skin will benefit from a coconut oil cleanse. It gently removes dirt, impurities, and make-up, and excess oil and will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Dampen your skin with a splash of warm water. Use 1/2 tsp coconut oil and allow the oil to melt between your fingers if it is solid and gently massage into skin on your face neck and décolleté for a minute or two.  Remove with a facecloth dampened in warm water. Soak a cotton pad in witch-hazel and wipe gently over the skin removing any residue oil.


Prepare a gentle scrub by combining 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tbsp thickened cream (or yogurt) in a bowl until they form into a thick paste. Apply your scrub to wet skin in gentle circular motions avoiding the eye area. Continue scrubbing for a few minutes. Remove scrub by washing with warm water.

Or you can perform a papaya peel. Papaya contains antioxidants and enzymes which help to slough off dead skin. Mash up some ripe papaya or wipe the inside of the skin of papaya that you have eaten, over your face, neck and décolleté before you rinse it off just, perform a steam cleaning treatment.

Steam cleaning

For a simple steam clean run a facecloth under really hot water (be careful not to let it get too hot that you burn yourself), wring out the excess water, and drape it over your face. Let the cloth sit for a few minutes. The enzymes from the papaya and the steam work together to really open the pores and clean and smooth the skin.

Clay Mask

A clay mask deep cleanses your pores and mops up impurities. It also makes your skin look beautiful and radiant. All you need is a little of any type of dry clay – like bentonite clay or fullers earth, and 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar and a drop of essential oil like palma rosa, lavender or rose geranium. Mix it all together to form a paste like consistency. Apply to your face with your fingertips or a foundation brush avoiding the eye area. Let it dry on your face then rinse off (typically about 20 minutes). Remove by soaking a facecloth in warm water, apply the facecloth to the whole face to wet the clay and remove the clay very gently.

Hydrating Mask

You can use a natural, DIY face mask that leaves your skin soft and moisturized! Avocado has natural oils and nutrients in it that are just wonderful for pampering your skin.

Mash up a medium-sized ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons honey and 1/4 cup whole yogurt. Gently apply it to your face and neck. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes. Use a warm damp facecloth to remove the mask when you’re done.

Eye Treatment

You can use the time while you have your hydrating mask on to get your eyes in shape and get rid of those puffy bags. One of the greatest weapons against dark circles is Chamomile tea. Soak cotton pads in a little cold chamomile tea and apply to dark circles. Allow the liquid to dry. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile will soothe and calm your tired eyes and help tighten skin while reducing redness. Lay back with your eyes closed for about 15 minutes. You can also use cotton pads soaked in witch-hazel or rose water or slices of cucumber. These natural ingredients are naturally cooling to the body and help to reduce redness and puffiness.

Facial Serum & Massage

Facial serums are great for adding some much-needed moisture in the skin, as well as for applying regularly to usual problem areas such as directly on frown and smile lines, around the eyes, or when your skin just needs a little extra care. The best facial serums are completely natural and made from ingredients that can be understood and pronounced, meaning no chemicals or other harmful ingredients should be in your facial serum.

Mix 1 oz apricot kernel, avocado or almond oil,  5 drops lavender oil, 5 drops geranium oil, 2 drops chamomile or sandalwood oil in a glass amber bottle and shake well before use. Massage well into cleansed skin using upward motions following the directions in the image above. For the leftovers, the oil blends will keep for a number of weeks. In summer it is best to keep them in the refrigerator.

Finish off with your favorite moisturizer to seal in the oils and you have now completed your DIY facial.


Listen to music, read a book or watch an uplifting movie. This is your time to treat yourself, to recharge your batteries and soak in the benefits of the wonderful natural beauty treatments that you have given yourself. Remember to schedule in some pampering on a regular basis to recharge your batteries as well as pamper your skin.

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